This Ramadan discover the Power of Dua

The Messenger of Allah ﷺ said: “There are three whose supplications are not turned back”, One of those three is “The fasting person until he breaks his fast.” Join us this Ramadan as we explore on the weapon of the believer; Dua.

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The power of Dua

1. Your Connection to Allah ﷻ

Dua is the way to conversate and connect with the lord that created you. Establish and strengthen your connection by making more Dua! 

2. Allah ﷻ is all things able

Make Dua with sincerity, certainty and conviction for The One you are calling upon is The All Knowing, The All Seer, The All Hearer and is all things able! 

3. Fulfill your purpose

Allah says, “I did not create jinn and humans except to worship Me.”
Surah Dhariyat 56]
The Prophet ﷺ said, ‘
Du’aa is worship itself’.  [Tirmidhi]

Courses to enhance your Ibadah

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Be in the company of people of knowledgeable in your preparation for Ramadan this year. There will be a whole host of speakers in posting and sharing motivational reminders, experiences and answering any questions you may have! 


Have a listen to the Duas from The Qur'an